Empowering Grangetown’s Youth: The Story of Grange Pavilion Youth Forum

Introduction: In the heart of the Grangetown community, a vibrant and dynamic group known as the Grange Pavilion Youth Forum has been making a significant impact over the past eight years. This gathering of young individuals aged 14 to 25 is a shining example of innovation, enterprise, and community-driven initiatives. In 2021, the Youth Forum took a giant step towards independence by becoming a Community Interest Company (CIC), further solidifying its commitment to nurturing the potential of the youth in Grangetown.

A Catalyst for Positive Change: The Grange Pavilion Youth Forum serves as a beacon of hope for the youth of Grangetown, fostering an environment where their voices are not just heard but actively drive change. What began as a small idea has blossomed into a thriving entity that empowers young minds to take charge of their community’s future. Through various initiatives and activities, the Youth Forum has cultivated a space where innovation and engagement flourish.

Diverse Opportunities for Growth: One of the remarkable aspects of the Grange Pavilion Youth Forum is its dedication to offering diverse opportunities for growth. From a bustling business forum to spirited football clubs and enlightening university visits, the forum opens doors to a plethora of experiences. These activities not only contribute to personal development but also to the betterment of the entire community.

Youth at the Helm: The strength of the Youth Forum lies in its youth-led approach. Forum members actively participate in shaping the direction of the Grange Pavilion Community Interest Company (CIC) by serving on the Board. This involvement ensures that the perspective of the youth is woven into the fabric of the organization’s strategic decisions. By doing so, the Youth Forum not only empowers its members but also contributes to the broader goals of the Grange Pavilion.

Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders: The impact of the Grange Pavilion Youth Forum is undeniable. Its popularity is a testament to the positive influence it has on the young people of Grangetown. Every week, between 30 and 40 young individuals, aged 13 to 25, gather to engage in meaningful sessions that broaden their horizons and encourage their potential. The Wednesday and Friday sessions, from 6 to 9 PM, create a safe and inclusive space for the youth to connect, learn, and grow.

Conclusion: The Grange Pavilion Youth Forum is a shining example of what can be achieved when young minds are provided with the platform and resources to thrive. As an independent Community Interest Company, it continues to be a force for positive change, actively shaping the future of Grangetown. By embracing innovation, nurturing enterprise, and fostering community engagement, the Youth Forum stands as a powerful testament to the potential that lies within every young individual.

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